Welcome to Genewiki, a Geneforge Wikipedia which will eventually become a comprehensive compendium of knowledge for the epic Geneforge series (produced by Spiderweb Software) through the valuable contributions of Geneforge fans such as yourself. I envision that the wiki will not only cover the 'story' aspect of the Geneforge universe, but also the underlying mechanics of gameplay.

Once you have signed up, you will then need to click on the "Join this Wiki" button. I will then approve your membership. Then you can feel free not only to contribute ideas via discussion, but also to add and edit information at your leisure.

- Lepus Timidus
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Important notice:

I'm pleased to announce that we now have a discussion forum dedicated to Genewiki, which is located at http://shaper.proboards3.com. Feel free to sign up and contribute to discussion.

Important notice #2:

It's come to my attention that a couple of other people have started up Geneforge wiki's, and there is a question of redundancy. I've come to the decision that this wiki will focus on the storyline aspects of the Geneforge universe, *not* the mechanics of the game. Perhaps it would be appropriate for those who are interested to establish a wiki devoted to the gameplay and mechanics of Geneforge.